Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hand-Dipped Homemade Chocolates

One of the great things about having a blog for recipes is that they are stored on the internet -- a place where they can't get lost (at least I don't think so) or destroyed in the traditional way.  It is nice to know that your special family recipes will be easily accessible, even if you still want to keep a hard copy or two of that recipe (which I recommend).  I would like to get as many of our special recipes online as possible.

This recipe is a special Christmas confection, but would be great for Valentines Day too.  It was given to me by my mother-in-law, Margaret Guthrie, and is originally from the Ogdensburg Home Bureau.  This recipe has lots of my hand-written notes all over it from making it over the years -- like adding more chocolate for dipping, notes on time required to do the steps, and information on the flavors.  Everyone seems to have their favorite flavors.  This year I added two new flavors -- strawberry and raspberry.  Allow at least 2  hours to do steps 5, 6 and 7.


4 1/2 cups chocolate chips (mixture of semi-sweet and bittersweet)

2 lb. confections sugar

1/2 lb. sweet unsalted butter

1/2 bar paraffin wax, grated -- think it is easier to use a vegetable peeler or julienne peeler. (Gulf Brand is good -- available in the canning department or in some craft stores -- check for FDA approval)

1 can sweetened condensed milk


Directions: (My notes on time say:  3 hours for steps 1-5 and also allow 2 1/2 hours to do steps 5,6 and 7 -- leave plenty of time no matter how you do the steps, especially with  times in the refrigerator, which makes it much easier)

(1) Mix together sugar, butter and sweetened condensed milk; mix well.

(2) Divide into dishes for flavoring and coloring -- I usually do 6 flavors.

(3)  Flavor with extracts -- you'll need about 1 tsp. flavoring per bowl -- flavors to use: almond extract (for cherry flavor), maple extract, orange extract, vanilla extract, strawberry extract, raspberry extract, butter rum extract (think I am the only one who likes this flavor).

(4) Cover dishes with plastic wrap and refrigerate dishes (an hour or more).

(5)  One-by-one, remove dishes from the refrigerator, and roll the candy mixture into about 1 inch diameter balls, not too small -- try to be uniform. Place on a cookie sheet covered with foil (I label the foil with the flavors to keep track).  Stick a toothpick into each ball; refrigerate for at least an hour (or freeze quickly before refrigerating, if very soft). Repeat process with the rest of the dishes, keeping the bowls refrigerated until ready to roll into balls, and then refrigerating the balls. (NOTE: This is a very messy step, and you will need to rinse your hands multiple times during this.  It helps if your hands are not too warm.)

(6)  Melt the chocolate chips with the paraffin wax shavings in a double boiler; stirring until the wax is melted and the chocolate mixture is very smooth.

(7)  One flavor at a time, remove candy balls from the refrigerator and dip the candy in the melted chocolate holding on to the toothpick and quickly dipping and then swirling back and forth to get rid of extra chocolate before returning to the foil covered cookie sheet. Fill hole caused by toothpick with a dab of chocolate.  Repeat process for all flavors, returning dipped chocolates to the refrigerator. 

(8)  Put the dipped chocolates into individual white candy cups.

(9)  Keep chocolates in a covered container in the refrigerator.