Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fresh Cranberry Sauce

This is the cranberry sauce I make every year for Thanksgiving, although it's great anytime.  It has only 3 ingredients, is not cooked, can be made in 5 minutes, and is delicious!


One medium bag fresh cranberries, rinsed and drained

1 large navel orange, with peel still on, washed and rinsed, and (with peel still on!) cut into halves, then each half cut in eight pieces

3/4 - 1 cup sugar, to taste


In a food processor, in batches, process a handful or two of cranberries with some orange pieces.  Process until consistency is minced, but not too fine.  Put the minced fruit into a serving dish, and continue processing more batches of cranberries and oranges, until you are finished.  Add the sugar to all the minced fruit in the bowl and stir -- start with 3/4 cup sugar  and if that's now sweet enough, you can add more.  Refrigerate until cold, and serve.  Can be made a day or two ahead.


  1. Here in Italy we can't find any fresh cranberry..... :( , anyway have a great Thanksgiving!!!! Ciao , Flavia

  2. See if you can buy them frozen... If so, then you can just thaw them to use in the recipe. In North America, fresh cranberries are available in the markets at this time of the year only, so I usually get one extra bag and freeze it for later! Thanks for the comment and Thanksgiving wishes, Flavia -- Happy Holidays to you too!
    -- Diane

  3. i love your blog and will enjoy trying your recipes... i always cook my cranberry sauce... will try yours... sounds alot easier...
    have a wonderful thanksgiving... x pam

  4. Thanks, Pam! I hope you like it; it is good on leftover turkey sandwiches too! Happy Thanksgiving!